Please Donate!

Thank you all for the support so far!!!

This started as a bad idea, and the magic of the internet spiraled it out of control and into reality. Which is amazing. It also let us with no time or resources to find sponsors and everything so far has come out of pocket from a couple broke-ass cyclocross idiots with a seemingly decent sense of humor.

Brass tacks: We are not charging a cover for the party, but it is costing us some $$ to put this on.

We have set up a Donation link in the sidebar, and we are hoping to just recoup what we put into this party- ANYTHING over that amount will be donated to support Junior Cyclocross programs.

Any amount helps! Even a dollar. (I’m so serious).

We love you all. Looking forward to FoamPartying with all of you in Louisville!

xoxo, @louisville2013foamparty

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