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Swimming schedule

2022-06-26 15:04Learn swimming video
Summary: FINA World Championships: the Chinese women's 4x100 relay team is the fourth. How will the subsequent competitions be arrangedThis news is also helpful for Chinese athletes' confidence in the fa
FINA World Championships: the Chinese women's 4x100 relay team is the fourth. How will the subsequent competitions be arranged
This news is also helpful for Chinese athletes' confidence in the face of subsequent competitions. It can make Chinese athletes more confident, challenge themselves and win glory for the country in the face of subsequent competitions. Our swimming team has sent 45 athletes, including 22 male athletes and 23 athletes. The subsequent competition arrangements have also been announcedWhat is the schedule of this year's Olympic swimming competition
SwimmSwimming scheduleing schedule for the 2008 Olympic Games Saturday, the first competition day: (09/8) competition unit Sw01 starts: 18:30 ends: 21:30 National Swimming Center 18:30-18:56 men's 400m individual medley preliminaries 19:01-19:24 women's 100m Butterfly preliminaries 19:28-20:14 men's 400m freestyle preliminariesWhen is the swimming time for the Olympic Games
Venue and schedule swimming August 9-17 National Swimming Center (Water Cube) / Shunyi Olympic Water Park August 9 National Swimming Center 18:30 - 21:30 swimming men's 400m individual medley preliminary women's 100m Butterfly preliminary men's 400m freestyle preliminary women's 400m individual swimmersWhat is the schedule of the World Swimming Championships
The 2019 World Swimming Championships will last 17 days from July 12 to July 28. The first World Swimming Championship was held in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, from August 31 to September 9, 1973. The competition consists of three major events: swimming, diving and Water Polo (15 events for men and 14 events for women)Schedule of the 16th FINA World Championships
The main events diving will be held from July 24 to August 2, and swimming will be held from August 2 to August 9. In addition, synchronized swimming, water polo, high platform diving, open water swimming and other events will also be held during this period. Bold ranking means to advance to the next round, n/a means not appSwimming schedulelicable, and - means not to advance to this stagePlease list the schedule of the 14th World Swimming Championships
The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Hangzhou in 2018 will be held in the tennis hall of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo City ("little Lotus") from December 11 to 16. On the eve of the competition, the world swimming Congress will be held from December 8 to 10. It is also the highest standard and largest conference held by finaSchedule of 2013 World Swimming Championships
The swimming schedule of the 2013 World Swimming Championships the 15th World Swimming Championships will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from July 19 to August 4, Beijing time. This world championships has six major events: swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water polo, open water and high platform diving, which will produce 68 gold medalsHow many kilometers is the Olympic swimming marathon
Different from the traditional swimming pool competition, marathon swimming is conducted in open water, with a distance of 10 kilometers. All marathon swimming events Swimming scheduleare freestyle, with a 10 kilometer course and a final competition systemWhat are the world-class swimming competitions and when
Canada ★★ on May 7, fina diving Grand Prix raudel stop in the United States ★★ on May 29, fina diving Grand Prix Madrid stSwimming scheduleop in Spain ★★ pending fina diving Grand Prix in Italy ★★★ on July 18, the 13th World Swimming Championships in Rome, Italy ★★★The Olympic schedule of American swimmer Michael Phelps in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? specific time? Great gods gang
The swimming schedule for the 2008 Olympic Games is 18:30-21:30 on Saturday, August 9. The preliminary round of the men's 400m individual medley is 10:00-12:02 on Sunday, August 10. It is said that the final PS of the men's 400m individual medley will start at 9:50
Swimming schedule

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