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Swimming watch average consumption per lap

2022-06-26 11:03Learn swimming video
Summary: Which is better, a bracelet or a watch that can record swimming dataRecommended Countu target edition, professional swimming counting and timing ring. Compact design and practical function. It can rec
Which is better, a bracelet or a watch thSwimming watch  average consumption per lapat can record swimming data
Recommended Countu target edition, professional swimming counting and timing ring. Compact design and practical function. It can record: total time spent, total number of laps, average time spent per lap, fastest lap sequence number and time spent, slowest lap sequence number and time spent, and independent time spent per lap. You can also set the lap / time target vibration reminder. Head trainingPlease recommend a sports watch that can swim. It should be equipped with GPS and have stroke recognition
Consider the amazfit smart sports watch 2, which is 50 meters waterproofAs a swimmer, what mainstream smart watches do you recommend
The amazfit GTS 2 Mini has good waterproof performance. The amazfit GTS 2 mini sports health watch can be used with app to provide more data. This watch can help us monitor data and help us with health management. The mode of one physical key + touch screen is easy to operate. Press the function key onceWhich kind of watch is better for swimming
If you need accurate motion detection, you must choose Jiaming. Jiaming's heart rate monitoring is very good. I started with the Venus 2, which I wear when swimming. The data has always been very professional and accurateCan you recommend a sports watch for swimming
The sports watch used for swimming must be waterproof
Which brand is a good swimming Watch
Recommendation of sports watches suitable for runninSwimming watch  average consumption per lapg and swimming: reasons for accuracy: Jingzhong (Zhuhai) watch industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1978, is a famous electronic watch brand with high accuracy. It is an early Taiwan funded enterprise in the mainland. It mainly produces waterproof electronic watches and has a large electronic watch production workshopDo you recommend a better outdoor watch? Suitable for mountain climbing, swimming, boating and so on
Fenix also has excellent 100 meter waterproof function. You can wear the watch to swim and dive without worrying about the damage of the watch. Secondly, both forerunner and Fenix series contain a variety of outdoor sports modes, which can be switched according to the scene. Both series of outdoor watches are good choicesWhat are some good swimming watches recommended
‍&# 8205; I recommend the products of swimmo company. They are very distinctive, have no key design, professional and comprehensive real-time reminder fSwimming watch  average consumption per lapunction, perfect software support ability, and have done global community performance sharing for swimming enthusiasts. They are very challenging and interesting to use. They are worth recommendingHow many meters does a swimming watch need to be waterproof
Generally speaking, at least 100 meters is OK. Of course, the safer 200 meters is safe. At 300 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters or even 3900 meters, you can wear a professional diving watch to swim. Swimming precautions: if you suddenly feeSwimming watch  average consumption per lapl uncomfortable during swimming, such as dizziness, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath, etc
Swimming watch average consumption per lap

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