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Swimming composition 300 words

2022-06-27 01:46Learn swimming skills
Summary: I learned to swim (composition) 200 words -- 300 wordsAncient kings were both literate and martial arts. I also want to be literate and martial arts. My "literate" is very good, but when it come
I learned to swim (composition) 200 words -- 300 words
Ancient kings were both literate and martial arts. I also want to be literate and martial arts. My "literate" is very good, but when it comes to "martial arts", I am dwarfed. Therefore, I also want to learn "martial arts" well, but which one should I start from? Swimming is the best exercise in summerMy happy day, composition (with swimming content) 300 words
In order to make me strong, my mother and father decided to let me learn swimming. But I was a little scared when I heard from the students who had learned to swim. On the first day of learning to swim, at the urging of my mother, I came toSwimming composition 300 words the swimming pool uneasily. I saw a swimming pool larger than a basketball court in front of me. The pool was crowdedHow to write a swimming composition for SheSwimming composition 300 wordsnzhen Xiaomeisha with 300 words
During the summer vacation, my parents took me to Xiaomeisha in Shenzhen for swimming. Xiaomeisha is a tourist attraction I have been looking forward to for a long time! That day, although the weather was very hot, my mood was still very happy. As soon as we got off the bus, "Xiaomeisha" came into view. How beautiful little Meisha isComposition on freestyle 300 words
During freestyle, the body lies prone on the water to form a streamlined shape, the muscles of the back and buttocks maintain appropriate tension, keep the head stable during swimming, and the trunk rotates naturally and rhythmically 35 ゜ to 45 ゜ around the longitudinal axis of the body. Although the leg movement of Freestyle has certain propulsion, it mainly plays a role of balanceMy mood story -- swimming 300 words fourth grade composition
About the most unforgettable composition in 2013: I spent 4 days learning swimming composition 300 words. In the summer vacation of 2013, the weather was dry, which was the Swimming composition 300 wordsbest time to swim. On July 22, my parents and I came to the Shangxing swimming pool to learn swimming. My mother and I jumped into the shallow water, and we began to learn to hold our breathThe ups and downs of learning to swim are about 300 words
During the summer vacation, because I was too lazy, my mother asked me to learn swimming these days. During the period of learning swimming, I experienced the five tastes of life. On the first day, I walked nervously on the way to the swimming pool with excitement and curiosity. My heart was full of longing and longing. To the swimming poolHow to write 300 words in a swimming diary
I learned swimming composition. I learned painting, dancing and swimming. But I think swimming is the most difficult thing for me. I still clearly remember the feeling of going to the swimming pool for the first time. I was very nervous. I didn't dare to move in the water. ISwimming composition 300 words was afraid that I would be drowned. Later, I gradually felt a little adaptedPrimary school student I learned how to write a 300 word composition in grade three of swimming
[I learned to swim] I was born to like water. I go to the swimming pool every summer. My mother then enrolled me in a swimming class and wanted me to exercise more. In first grade, I entered swimming class. The coach first taught us to close, turn, push, merge and stopWrite a composition about swimming
I live near the Minjiang River. The beautiful Minjiang River flows slowly under my feet. Every summer, the children around me visit Minjiang River almost every day. Although I also like to go swimming with my father, I always wear a swimming circle and never dare to leave itFirst swimming composition 300-500 words
There are many firsts in life, such as washing dishes for the first time, flying kites for the first time... Today I want to talk about the first swimming. I love swimming very much at ordinary times. Because of this, my mother enrolled me in a swimming practice class this summer vacation. I remember the first day I came to the swimming pool early. Start
Swimming composition 300 words

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