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Scabbed swimming

2022-06-25 20:27Learn swimming skills
Summary: The wound is scarred. Can you swimIt is best not to avoid certain skin diseases, such as various types of ringworm and allergic skin diseases, which not only induce urticaria and contact dermatitis, b
The wound is scarred. Can you swim
It is best not to avoid certain skin diseasScabbed swimminges, such as various types of ringworm and allergic skin diseases, which not only induce urticaria and contact dermatitis, but also easily aggravate the disease. Do not neglect the hygiene after swimming. After swimming, wipe off the scale on your body immediately with a soft dry towel. It is best to rinse with fresh water and drop chloromycetes or boric acid eye dropsThe wound the day before yesterday has scabbed. Can I swim
Condition analysis: it is best to wait for scabs to fall before swimming. If it is a body surface wound, the wound is small and the healing is good, and swimming does not have a great impact on the wound; However, if the wound is deep and large, swimming has a certain impact on the wound healing, and may also lead to wound infectionCan I go swimming in the swimming pool if there is a small wound on my skin
Even if there is no natural falling off, it is very easy to fall off due to our collision. Once the scab falls off, it means that our wound Scabbed swimmingneeds to scab again. This process is not only easy to bleed, but also easy to leave scars on our skin. So after our skin is injured, try not to go swimming in the poolCan knee abrade, scab swim
It is not possible to swim in all cases. For example, when there is a knee injury, especially if the injury persists in the water, it is likely to lead to infection of the injury and inflammation of the wound. If you really want to show your perfect swimming posture, you should wait until the scab on the wound surface, so that there will be no problem in the waterCan I swim when my hands are scabbed
You can swim if you have scabs. If you have scabs, you won't be infected
How long can the wound scab swim
So how long will it take for the wound to fester? How long can a wound scab swim? If the scab is more than three days old, whether it falls or not, the interior has basically grown. Only the scar of tScabbed swimminghe wound has not fallen. But if the scar is not completely healed within three days, do not go swimming at this timeCan the wound scab and swim
Answer: No, so as not to break up again. Now you can take anti-inflammatory drugs orally and wash them with Iodophor. Keep them clean and hygienic. The diet should be light. You can't eat spicy foodThere is a wound on the leg, but it has scabbed. The scab hasn't fallen yet. Can you go swimming
If the scab has formed for more than three days, whether it falls off or not, the internal part has basically grown, but the scab on the wound has not yet falScabbed swimminglen off. However, if the scab does not grow completely within three days, do not go swimming at this time, otherwise the water containing disinfectant in the pool will easily soak the scab and then fall offCan the wound scab and swim? My wound has scabbed for more than a week, but it hasn't fallen yet. Can I swim? No
Answer: Problem Analysis: the wound is scabby, and the scab skin has not fallen off. Generally, you can't swim. The skin under the scab of the wound is not fully mature. Suggestions: swimming with water may cause the scab to soften and fall off after soaking, resulting in new infectionMy wound has scabbed. Can I swim
The wound has scabbed and can swim. If the wound recovers by 80%, the scab will fall off automatically over time. At this time, you can ignore the wound, and it will automatically scab in two hours. The shedding of scabs in the early stage is more conducive to the early recovery of the wound
Scabbed swimming

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