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Bugs in the swimming pool

2022-06-25 16:05How to learn swimming
Summary: There are too many small insects in the swimming pool. Is it useful to add clarifierAdding clarifier has no effect. If you use disinfectantWhat's the bug in the poolGenerally speaking, there are no
There are too many small insects in the swimming pool. Is it useful to add clarifier
Adding clarifier has no effect. If you use disinfectantWhat's the bug in the pool
Generally speaking, there are no water bugs in the pool water. Long water bugs are often found in outdoor swimming pools after heavy rains. The rainstorm brings the nutrient rich dust and other pollutants in the air or around the pool into the pool, creating a good growth condition for the growth of water supply insects. If the swimming pool is not effectively treated in time after the rainstorm, water bugs will occurSwimming pool parasites
Infectious diseases caused by swimming mainly include cryptosporidiosis, schistosomiasis, giardiasis and other parasitic diseases, E. coli 0157 infection, shigellosis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa dermatitis and other bacterial diseases, Norwalk virus or Norwalk like virus enteritis, adenovirus pharyngoconjunctivitis and other viral diseasesWhy are there worms in the swimming pool
How to kill the bugs in the swimming pool? First, add the non foaming algaecide into the swimming pool. The non foaming algaecide can not only kill algae and other microorganisms, but also inhibit the growth of insects. After the insects contact the non foaming algaecide, the protease in their bodies is destroyed and cannot participate in the activities of the redox system, resulting in the death caused by the disorder of metabolic functionWhat about the bug in the swimming pool
Possible causes of formation: the occurrence of insects in the swimming pool is mostly the result of spawning and proliferation due to the instinct of biological danger consciousness after the rainstorm or the sudden increase of air relative humidity; The open space with trees and poor drainage of drainBugs in the swimming poolage ditches are the main reasons. The safest way Bugs in the swimming poolis to drain the waterHow to kill the wireworms in the swimming pool
When the wireworms are wet, they can only survive in the water, so try to drain the swimming pool, use some pesticides, and then keep dry for a whileHow to deal with and eliminate the red line insects in the swimming pool
Professionals said that the main reasons for the occurrence of this red nematode in tap water were as follows: first, the water tank was poorly managed and not cleaned in time, which was formed by the hatching and development of earthworm eggs deposited in the water tank; Second, at present, the temperature is relatively high, a large amount of residual chlorine in the water vBugs in the swimming poololatilizes, and a large number of red line worms live in the sewer ditches and pipelinesHow to deal with the insects in the swimming pool
It needs to be disinfected as a whole when changing the water, and then washed with a high-pressure water gun after disinfection
How to deal with the red line worm in the swimming pool
Red worms are hatched from the eggs of earthworms. Bugs in the swimming poolThe following methods can be used to eliminate red worms: always use "84 disinfectant", bottled household disinfectant, Lysol water, etc. to disinfect long-term wet places such as water tanks and sewer pipes, so as to prevent red worms from climbing out. If there is red thread worm in the pool, bleach powder can be used to kill the wormAfter a few days of water in the swimming pool for children, I found that there were a lot of linear red in it
If the water is put in for several days, there are small insects in the water, which means that the water quality is not good, and disinfection should be used to kill the insects. Otherwise, children swimming in the water will affect their health, especially their skin. If they find that there are insects in the water, they should not swim
Bugs in the swimming pool

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