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How to learn swimming

Swimming pharyngitis your question is very good

2022-07-03 07:34How to learn swimming
Summary: Can pharyngitis swim! If you have acute fever, you can't, if you have chronic symptoms, you can!! Hope to adoptWhat's the matter with swimming and dry throatYour question is very good and repr
Can pharyngitis swim
! If you have acute fever, you can't, if you have chronic symptoms, you can!! Hope to adopt
What's the matter with swimming and dry throat
Your question is very good and representative In fact, swimming consumes a lot of body water. First, the skin is all in contact with water, which is easy to cause cell and skin water loss. Secondly, when swimming, you breathe through your mouth. Deep breathing will exhale a large amount of water from your mouth, respiratory tract and lungs, causing oral cavityIs swimming good for the treatment of chronic pharyngitis
I can definitely tell you that it's no good. My rhinitis and pharyngitis are caused by swimming. It's very simple. Rhinitis is found in every professional swimmer. I'll tell you ~! Now the water quality of all swimming pools is Swimming pharyngitis  your question is very goodnot very good. They are not like what we thinkCan swimming in a dirty swimming pool cause throat inflammation
This is for sure! If you have to swim, please pay attention to your breathing mode. If you control it well, you may avoid it, but if the water is dirty, try not to swim
Is the sore throat after swimming related to swimming? What is the reason and solution
Far from it, in fact, the way we breathe has changed during swimming. Breathing through the mouth leads to dry throat and discomfort, especially for people who may have chronic pharyngitis. If my suggestions can help you, please click adoptCan you swim with pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis and tonsillitis
Don't swim during the illness. You can swim slowly at ordinary timesCan chronic pharyngitis participate in exercise and swim
Chronic pharyngitis is very likely and difficult to cure. At ordinary times, pay attSwimming pharyngitis  your question is very goodention to avoiding respiratory tract infection as much as possible. When there are no obvious symptoms, appropriately strengthen exercise, especially swimming. If the symptoms are aggravated, take HuaSu tablets or golden throat healthCan you swim with pharyngitis
Condition analysis: you can swim. If you have pharyngitis, you should not eat irritating food and eat less fried and pickled food; Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat more fruits rich in vitamins, such as Kiwi fruit, fig, etc. watermelon is good for clearing heat, swallowing and quenching thirstCan I swim if my throat is inflamed
Answer: This is Swimming pharyngitis  your question is very goodOK. This consideration is caused by acute pharyngitis, which is usually caused by bacterial or viral infection. In addition to actively controlling the infection, we also need to pay attention to a light diet, don't eat spicy and stimulating food, and drink more water. It is also good to eat more fruits to supplement vitaminsCan swimming infect pharyngitis
In most cases, acute pharyngitis can be cured within a few days after treatment. If you smokeSwimming pharyngitis  your question is very good, are often exposed to irritant environments, or have long-term sinus, lung, and mouth infections, you may suffer from chronic pharyngitis with recurring symptoms. Viral pharyngitis is usually accompanied by a cold
Swimming pharyngitis your question is very good

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